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Increase Productivity

Productivity Gains up to 56%*

Shorter, Fewer Meetings

Shorter, More Productive and Fewer Meetings

Drive Decisions with Results

Quicker Decision-Making based on Real-Time Actual Results

Goal Directed Breakthroughs

Breakthroughs via Goal Directed Conversations

Goal Directed Breakthroughs

Support & Encouragement for performance accountability**

GoalTrak® EV, the only web-based, collaborative, strategic goals and performance management system based on a time proven, 9 step goal setting process that creates a meaningful, multilevel system of goals, driven by and aligned with, the Vision, Mission and Strategy of the organization.

We have web-based Goal Setting and Tracking applications for...

  Organizations Coaches/Mentors Individuals
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*A study by Robert Rodgers of the University of Kentucky and John E. Hunter of Michigan State University, showed that goal setting, in combination with participation in decision making and objective feedback, yields average productivity gains of 56%. These gains occur when top-management commitment and participation are high. (Journal of Applied Psychology, 1991, Vol.76, No.2)

**"Those who wrote their goals accomplished significantly more than those who did not write their goals." This is from a study done at the Dominican University.

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