About Quantum Voyage: From the Beginning

So, who are we and what is QV about? Quantum Voyage, Inc. is the parent of GoalTrak®, brain child of Richard Lewine and Stephen Dodd. Rich is an organization development consultant, over 30 years worth; and Steve is a chemical engineer, cum programmer. They met when Steve and his family business were clients of Rich's in the late '80s and early '90s.

During his consulting work with his clients, it became clear to Rich that most organizations didn't have a clearly defined system of goals; and if they had goals, most of the time they sat in a drawer or on a shelf in a binder. People didn't use them to guide their day-to-day tasks and activities. There was little, if any, tracking of measurable performance criteria. People didn't know how they, or the organization as a whole, were doing. This needed to change.

GoalTrak® is a natural outgrowth of Rich's organization development work; the marriage of the web to the technology of goal setting. It brings an organization's Vision, Mission, Strategy and Goals to life. Easily accessible to everyone, real-time status is available through dashboards, performance management modules, and a results management system.

Clients have been using GoalTrak® since early 2007, with stellar results. Clarity, improved productivity and more timely data for decision making are just a few of the benefits of the SaaS GoalTrak® system.

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