Goals Research Summary

By Gail Matthews, PhD., December 20, 2007

Perhaps you have heard of the Yale (or Harvard Business School) study of goals in which only 3% of the graduating class had specific written goals for their futures. Twenty years later that 3% was found to be earning an astounding 10 times that of the group that had no clear goals. Well, it turns out that this "study" is merely an "urban myth", as extensive reviews of the research literature by me and by Steven Kraus (a social psychologist from Harvard) as well as investigative reporting by Fast Company magazine revealed that no such study had ever been done!

However, the widespread mention of this non-existent study in business circles as well as the need for research into the techniques used by business coaches provided impetus for my current research, which was focused on how goal achievement is influenced by writing goals, committing to goal-directed actions and being accountable for those actions. Read more...

Leadership and Management Evolution

By Richard S. Lewine, September 2008

Our global economy dictates the need for a major shift in leadership and management capability. People at all levels in an organization must specifically determine where they are going and how they will get there.

Smaller workforce, intense competition, global connections, instant communication, quality demands, and customer requirements, are some of the environmental factors which insist that organizations effectively monitor their performance with constancy and consistency. Read more...

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