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One of the most daunting mentoring challenges is teaching your client how to set meaningful goals and objectives. GoalTrak® CV's proprietary 9 step goal setting process provides a solid foundation for goal directed conversations between mentor and goal setter. This effective transfer of knowledge ensures that the goal setter "stays the course" when the unexpected occurs.

GoalTrak® CV, the only web-based, collaborative, goal setting application for Mentors and Coaches to take advantage of the power of goal setting as they support their clients.

  GoalTrak® CV will:

Assist  Assist the Goal Setter in the creation of a comprehensive system of goals based on their personal values and desires.

Provide  Provide easy access for mentor to coach at any step in the goal setting process.

Enhance  Enhance the process of management development by allowing the goal setter to focus on improving specific skills.

Ensure  Ensure that Results Management occurs as an integral part of the goal setting and tracking effort.

Setting Goals

Add another dimension to your coaching efforts and turn your clients into goal setting powerhouses with GoalTrak® CV! Our web-based (SaaS), laser-focused goal planning process makes it possible for you to coach your clients anytime from anywhere.

Bring your mentoring and coaching to the next level. Sign up for a free demo today, or call or email us for more information.

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