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GoalTrak® EV, the only web-based, collaborative, strategic goals and performance management system based on the time proven 9 step goal setting process that creates a meaningful, multilevel system of goals that are driven by and aligned with, the Vision, Mission and Strategy of the organization.

Ensure that your people will "stay the course" when the unexpected occurs. Uncover information that allows you to make faster decisions when goals need to be adjusted. Communicate directly with each goal owner through Goal Annotations. Protect Board Level confidentiality through our exclusive Executive Level goal system. No long term sales agreements are needed to use GoalTrak® EV.

GoalTrak® EV will:

Assist  Assist in the creation of a collaborative organization-wide system of goals that are driven by your Vision, Mission and Strategy.

Provide  Provide easy access to personal, customized dashboards that display realtime results from all levels of your organization.

Make  Make objective Performance Appraisals a treat instead of a treatment, for all concerned, because they are based on up-front agreements.

Ensure  Ensure that Results Management occurs as an integral part of your Organization Management Process.
GoalTrak® EV can transform your organization into a goals driven, results oriented enterprise, where people enjoy accountability for their performance. Your employee evaluations will reflect the goal planning that was done between each individual and their executive coach, contributing to an effective mentoring relationship.

Because GoalTrak® is web-based (SaaS), goal setting, goal tracking and employee evaluations can be done from anywhere at any time. Sign up for a free demo today, or call or email us for more information.
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