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Everyone knows that goal setting is a valuable tool, but not many take advantage of it. That's because, in general, people are not taught how to create achievable goals. We all make New Year's resolutions and set certain targets for ourselves and our companies. But that just doesn't get the job done. We end up getting results we expect, but not necessarily what we want.

Improve your chances of getting what you want by learning how to set goals with GoalTrak® products.


Use our enterprise version, GoalTrak® EV, to give all your key people our goal setting technology. With our collaborative environment, your people will create achievable goals that will have everyone pulling together.


Use our consulting version, GoalTrak® CV, to give all your clients the power of goal setting. In this private environment, you can develop your clients goal setting skills and keep track of their performance.


Use our personal version, GoalTrak® PV, to create goals in all six Key Result Areas of your life: Family/Home, Financial/Career, Mental/Educational, Physical/Health, Social/Cultural and Spiritual/Ethical.

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